Bottles in the Sea Poem by David Michael Jackson


oh one who passes messages by bottles in the sea!

can you see me

can you hear me

oh one who passes dreams across the winds!

can you see me

can you hear me

maybe yes in the morning and no in the

afternoon and maybe tonight we will

ride the wind~~~

these are bottles in the sea
sealed by small hands of children

too young or too old to

struggle with answers

or questions

may we all still be young enough

to roll our message

into the bottle

may we

all be careful with the sealing

may we

have enough faith

to throw it

with all our might


Y2K Internet Blues Poem by David Michael Jackson

Y2K Boo-Hoo Blues

forks and spoons may not work in a few hours

no more cars

no more tv to bother us

no airplanes flying overhead

making noise

no more traffic lights

no computers

no internet

how quiet it will seem

maybe the birds will sing



we can hear the wind in the

trees again

remember the wind in the trees?

It was on the cd they put out

with all those sounds

it is good that we recorded them

so we’ll



Winter Poem by David Michael Jackson

winter and the trees have no leaves

Beauty is the stolen moment
of a single green field among
the grey of the trees.
Beauty is the sudden reddish brown
of the grasses
and the clear view
of the fields through the dark trees,
the daring of the hawk as he
somehow avoids
the barren branches and
soars through the woods.
Beauty is the single glimpse
of a deer family
in the