Artvilla Turns Twenty is 20!
We have:
1551 files and 1226 directories. Some of those directories have thousands of files.
We are have published 2000-3000 pages in our blogs.
We have 530 mp3 files of original music in our mp3 directory and it has 34 directories with 10-50 mp3’s
Our total number of original mp3 files is well over 1000.
We’ve been on the internet since 1998. This is our 20th year.
Our website is almost too big to move.
Thank to everyone who made that possible.

Happy Holidays as the New Year brings 21 years of being the first blog.

Poem “The Fire” by David Michael Jackson was the first poem published at Artvilla.

Reading by Chris Carmichael…..Music by AmJaz

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