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We are beginning the task of putting our mp3s in one place. First we gather them. This is one crazy page but it’s a beginning. We set poetry to music and publish songs and folk music as well. We’;ll put everything in a box but now it’s at least here. We are sticking with the pieces which are “tagged” and will fall neatly into your player.

What a fun mess to clean up!’s_Dreaming.mp3’t%20It%20Amazing_eq_eq.mp3’s%20Song.mp3’s%20Dog.mp3’tcha%20Ki%20Me%20Oh.mp3’s_Lament.mp3’re_Gonna_Make_it.mp3’s%20Neck.mp3’m%20Not%20Sick,%20But%20I’m%20Not%20Well.mp3’t%20That%20What%20It’s%20All%20About.mp3’t%20Do%20That.mp3‘Age’).mp3,%202005%2010.23.16.mp3’re%20Not%20Making%20Anymore%20Appointments.mp3