Advanced Resizing of Images with Faststone

Images on the internet need to have very small file sizes and are usually :
72 dpi (dots per inch)….Most cameras usually produce an image in 96-300 dpi which creates a file size in megabytes(mb), the internet requires images to be about 100 kb in size for speed in loading.

For individual files I use….It’s not Photoshop but it’s not Paint either. It’s in between the two. Easy to use for cropping and resizing, has layers, and can do the usual work for images. When you save a file, there is a slider for file size…..If you are trained in Photoshop, use that, otherwise get the free simpler one.

For working in batch with all files in a directory I use FastStone. It will resize all files in a directory and put the resized copies in another. It will do hundreds at once.
Fastone Photo Resizer
Faststone is great for creating square images that don’t crop the image.

1. Choose directories. When you choose a directory, Faststone will list the files in the directory in the left-hand window.
2. Select and add. Highlight the files in the left window that you would like the program to affect. Click add.
3. Select the output folder. This is the directory in which to put the resized files. If you which to retain the originals, then put the resized files in a different directory.
4. The program will automatically reduce the file size when converting files. The advanced options can resize all files by cropping or can make them all the same size by filling.
5. Convert. When you press convert the program will resize all files and put them in the output folder.

Advanced Options To Create Square Product Images
When you click advanced options you receive a pop-up like the one below. With advanced options, as you can see, can do many things. Pick the resize ta and click Resize. The image below shows the settings to create a square image with the white fill area as shown.