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About Artist David Jackson



"My style of abstraction is best described as shapism. My abstractions are almost representational. The abstract shape is the ultimate form of representational art because it is 'the thing itself' , the ultimate realism."

David Michael Jackson

I was Born in Tennessee in 1948, My eclectic style is an indication of my basic nature. I have always been many things at once it seems. Music and poetry have always been a part of my expression along with the art. Suddenly buying paint and brushes in 1987, I set to work. I don't remember deciding to paint. I just remember going to work with a drive that I had never experienced before. The goal was to find some form of expression which is mine.
The painting style is self taught-in fact I have refused to allow influence from art instruction. My influences are life itself, other artists and the masters. I am a native of Tennessee.  I never  enter shows where my art may be "judged". I have been called an "Emerging Artist" at and am published on many other sites. I am, perhaps, one of the most viewed artist in the world today because of the fact that it's downright hard to avoid me if you search for art.
I do know that my art has been seen and seen on this internet.I learned that it's not only in poor taste to brag but it's downright unlucky. So I'll just present searches in art and you can decide who I am.

David Michael Jackson


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