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Drawing by Cassie Leary
1996, age 4

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Spring, 2004

We are just mp3 crazy. AmJaz returns with Peace_city_Sax.mp3
Janet Kuypers and Harold Skelton team up in Isn_t_That_What_It_s_All_About137_TortureMusic.mp3 along with 13their_crutches_Music.mp3 and Life_Passes_You_By.mp3
David Jackson goes classical with Wave3.mp3 and returns with a wink in Boothswargled_in_Boatswain.mp3
Harold Skelton isn't through celebrating with MistletoeWithSax4.mp3
Andy Derryberry reads Blues_On_The_Radio by Tony Nesca.
A poem by Elizabeth B Browning, for The Cry of The Children
Charlotte Mair creates a poem on a photo taken on the Kwai River, called Melody Meets Word.

Jim Shultz the Madgerman joins us with an mp3 Utopia

Harold Skelton's musics enchants us again as we listen to Experiment_One.mp3

Here is a pic of David Jackson and Schmutt the dog.

Elisha Porat brings us a very enjoyable short story Young Ram in Jerusalem .
Please welcome a new poet from the Bahamas, with an assortment of poems Prabha Trimurty .
Here is a pic of David Michael Jackson recording Summer Breeze
A New Wayne Jackson Poem from Clarksville Tennessee emerges.
"Even Then He Knew It"
Nashville is where some of us reside. With Charlotte Mair in Canada and so many contributers from darn well anywhere, Artvilla is a world thing now. Actually our files reside somewhere out there in cyberland in a hard drive but there are breathing humans around here, honest. Here and there, that is.

Join a fine writer, Michael Levy, on his night with Hurricane Frances in Enchantress in the Wind.
Barbara Mountrey brings us another short David Mitchel poem and mp3 Galapagos and others
Elisha Porat makes his entrance once again with an excellent poem of substance in My Old Fidelities.
What a joy! listen as Barbara Mountrey reads David Mitchell's Drizzle.
Hurray! A milestone, our 250th MP3 file is Janet Kuypers and Andy Derryberry with Throw The Shoes.
Oh shame on us . We've been ignoring our poets. Here is a great series of poems by Doug Tanoury, Musings
Charlotte Mair not only writes great poetry she has been promoted to Publisher at Artvilla. It's easy to see why as she brings The Mermaid And The Sailor.
Here is an mp3 of poetry with music from the DMJ Art Connection with Janet Kuypers, Baggage it hot in here, that was good!
Poetry with Music has a Janet Buck connection Listen to Warm Sorbet
She had our number one song last month with River of Regrets. Charlotte Mair returns with Little Note
Oh she's rising in the charts and will soon surpass us all. We might as well admit it. Ladies and gentlemen Laura Longon sings They Sure Don't Make Love Like They Used Too

Janet Macon joins us with a romantic memory in I remember it well

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