Youtube is Blocked by Schools and Employers ROFL

dog running right

dog running right

Employers and school administrators are blocking Facebook and Youtube at work. The fear of losing something called “productivity” has caused the bosses to crack down. School admins too. Gotta crack the whip, get them people moving. We got work to do. Can’t be watching videos. It’s not productive.

I’m not sure what those two words mean, productivity and productive. They seem to be measurements of something. Well if you can measure something, then we should be able to make a gauge, with a needle and just keep track of the thing directly.

Are you telling me the Broadcast Media Instructor can’t use Youtube in her classes? Where is the Administrator I want to talk to them tomorrow! I’ll be at the school at 8!
The art teacher can’t use the thousands of art instruction videos available for research.
The English teacher can’t show Robert Frost reading the Birches…..that makes me cry
The Spanish teacher can’t research Spanish Youtubes
The science and biology teacher can’t research all of science.
The music teacher can’t play music. What! Visions of music teacher being caught listening to music.
The math teacher…you’d think he’s have nothing in Youtube…ha….Tubgle is our new Youtube Search Engine. (You can’t go there at work). I asked Tubgle for “Fourier Transform”….a college math term…..I got hundreds of videos….
I asked for “Imapsto painting”…I got hundreds
Also thousands of professors and colleges have used Youtube to put up material. Block Youtube! Are you kidding me?
As a retired engineer I ask, are we blocking Youtube for Engineers as well? Did I mention Fourier Transforms? Do we block Google too because of some fear of productivity loss? Cover the windows please. They could look out there. There are birds to see.

Maybe we’ll get a form:

“You’ll have to complete the Youtube Request Form (YRF).”

It’s hard to avoid the music in Youtube but mechanics know Youtube. If you want to know how to rebuild a “283 chevy block”, it’s there.To do about anything Youtube is a resource……

A resource!

Bone heads!

btw You can’t “Like” this article at work! ROFL