Rhodium, “Periodic Table of Poetry” poem by Chicago poet Janet Kuypers

Rhodium Janet Kuypers from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#45, Rh) 10/15/13 When you say the word “menthol,” images probably crop up in your head of women holding a cigarette stick like she’s using her smoke as an orchestra wand, tracing the line of smoke like she’s conducting a symphony with her mint-tasting cancer … Read more

Fluorine poem by Janet Kuypers

Fluorine by Janet Kuypers of Scars Publications from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series Just got a postcard from my dentist telling me it’s time to schedule another dental appointment. I thought about the fluoride toothpaste I just changed to, and then I wondered about water fluoridation, the government adds fluoride to public water supplies, … Read more