‘Old Star, New elemental Tricks’, bonus “Periodic Table of Poetry” poem by Chicago poet Janet Kuypers

Old Star, New elemental Tricks Janet Kuypers bonus poem from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series, with Arsenic (#033, As) and Selenium (#034, Se) 7/24/13 When the Big Bang first exploded, the only elements it could muster were hydrogen and helium and a smidgen of lithium and boron. Higher elements were only created after the … Read more

Arsenic poem by Janet Kuypers

Arsenic Janet Kuypers from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series Arsenic. Just the name sounds poisonous. I know it’s an element in the Periodic Table, but this odorless, tasteless demon can work its way into our water and eventually kill us from the inside out. And the thing is, Arsenic occurs naturally everywhere, and … Read more

Germanium poem by Janet Kuypers

Germanium by Janet Kuypers of Scars Publications from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series Because the planet Neptune was recently discovered, Winkler in the late 1800s decided to name the element he discovered “Neptunium,” but another element already tried to lay claim to that name (and still a different element got the name “Neptunium”)… So … Read more