Mendelevium, “Periodic Table of Poetry” poem from Chicago poet Janet Kuypers

Mendelevium Janet Kuypers from the “Periodic Table of Poetry”” series (#101, Md) “Once, there lived and existed a great learned man, with a beard almost as long as God’s.” Daniel Posen wrote that, about Demitri Mendeleev, a Russian scientist who created the Periodic Table as we know it. There’s even a sculpture outside the Bratislava, … Read more

Bismuth poem by Janet Kuypers

Bismuth Janet Kuypers from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#083, Bi) I heard NASA scientists say that Albert Einstein dismissed some of his theories. That Einstein didn‚t like some of his theories because he thought they weren‚t beautiful. And it makes me wonder: what is beauty? Is it how the silver-pink hue of … Read more