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Free music by David Jackson

  • The Trouble With LovingYou
  • The Fiddler Man
  •  I Really Love You 
  • Born In Texas 
  • She's Dreamin
  • Sugar Camp Ipidus
  • Play That Country Song
  •  Betty Lou 
  • Sugar Camp
  • Upidus
  • Cloud
  • The Fire
  • David Michael Jackson



    "David Jackson's new CD "Trouble", his original music and songs, will hug
    the heart of teenage girls and teenage grandmothers -- I mean -- this music
    is special for women of all ages who want to hear a man sing sensitive
    songs -- a true southern gentleman who still goes barefoot in the creek of
    his boyhood"    Music Review: by Summer Music, Motherbird Books

    Artist's Statement:
    I started poking at the guitar in 1970 and have poked at it ever since. I never seemed to take the time to copy any style and seemed only to work on my own stuff right away. Since I tend to do everything myself I have also tended to record myself, accompany myself, produce the cd myself and offer it for sale, yes, myself. That's me.
    And yes I have been rebuffed by established "it wasn't made in a studio and it"s not PRODUCED" thinking. Well hogwash on them. I do quite honestly respect the professional recording process and the professionals who bring us the perfect music on the airwaves and in the music stores. I do think, however,  there are individuals like me who work alone and produce work that can find an audience.

    Currently my studio is....very quiet back there. I have a great (and expensive) microphone and a Tascam 4 track recorder. Yes I still use studio tape. I like the warmth it provides. My music is country folk.It's the song that's important. I bought Woody Guthrie and loved him even though the recording quality was rather low. The quality of the recording today for the home studio is excellent in comparison. As Steve Earle says, "Come Back Woody Guthrie. Come back to us all." Well I can't be Woody. I can be Dave.

    "My cd reaches out from a small rear room and it is the rawness of the music itself that you will like."

    A tribute for the ladies that's what this cd is really about.

    David M. Jackson


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