siss boom bye July poem by anonymous

siss boom bye July
you were hot as fire
busy as a cracker
an emotional roller coaster
with blessings and curses
back a minute there
whistleblowers are protected
rats do not blow whistles they blow lies
Hiroshima anniversary is coming
fifty years of peace and prosperity
for fifty percent of the world’s land mass
the other half well and humm
look, smell, feel, taste, touch
August is reaping harvest
oh moon of many faces
is it angry young Aries
sparking fires in hinterland?
no place no more to hide our acts
with spangled twisted words
play with the Horn get stabbed by Bull
we all are Twins hiding and seeking ourselves
seeking other
who demonize Cancer the nurturer
as a Crab?
take us to our leader Leo
the real Cowboy who walks with a straddle
Virgo is a myth not a mandatory sentence
Justice is blind not a politician
young, handsome, suave and forked
but weight
only hours until Augustus
and home alone
climb up my rain barrel
slide down my cellar door
and we’ll be jolly friends
forever more.