Seas of Mauve Sonnet by Richard Vallance

Seas of Mauve

with thanks to Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

and his poem, La mer mauve =

The Sea of Mauve (below the sonnet)

When in your eyes I’ve seen seas round of mauve

I find I’ve visualized sunsets there,

yes, sunsets where dusk’s risen in this cove,

where we’ve pampered feet in these seas so fair

we linger hours, the minutes minding not,

the while we sense such shadows as her surf

as soon on us advance, where being caught

by risen tides, grasses blown round on turf

should quake with us, scared half to death by winds!

Where scalars, tides, income with windy night’s,

there’s nothing but a soothing moon rescinds

the sea’s insousciance where she alights!

Where she alights, the moon leaves seas of mauve

in dawn’s eyes as we leave our secret cove.

© by Richard Vallance 2004

October 18 2004


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