Revelations poem by Pen Chant

please take your own personal survey
i did, of Christians and ex Christians
and they all replied in the affirmative
“Yes, at some time in my life I believed sincerely
that the End Times would come in my lifetime”,
or, “Yes, I do believe today the End Times,
will come in my life time.

my theory being that all Christians of all times
including biblical times believed their’s was
the generation that was gonna get it
and that included the destruction of our Earth

imagine what if
the Book of Revelations had been seen as
a prophesy instead of fate, a warning
of how bad it can get if we humans don’t get together

good is a good word and as subjective as any other
as in a good apple or a good and rich, guy, or
that pig is good and fat, let’s take it to market

whatever gives the heart peace run to it
whatever justice demands pay it

p.s. be wary of prophets for profit