poem: to Jesse Jackson by Pen Chant

Honorable Reverend Jesse Jackson and Schiavo

Respectfully I suggest
there is a moral issue in the right to die
you found the nails head
in the loss of focus of dems and reps
reps fight to keep Terri alive at the same time
they cut the medicare and medicaid that paid for her care
but I submit it is being highly judgmental
to suggest Terri’s parents side was moral
and Michael’s side was immoral, even if legal
exactly why
judges appointed for life need neutrality
when it comes to moral issues
and exactly why our founders
created a power to protect the minority
the fight for an even playing field…
the rep controllers of the party
convinced the poor and working class
to vote for “Christian values” and against
the dems who would help
and yes… controllers of the dem party
practice no more virtues than rep leaders
in these confused times
where thousands of US children run away from home every year
we can in no way believe simply being a parent
gives them a moral right over a husband’s legal rights
thanks and praises to you Honorable Reverend
for shining a bright light on the hypocrites
the gab between what we say and do
we are all still here
we all stumble as we learn to walk our talk
it is the never learning that destroys us
shooting the messenger strengthens the message