poem: Terri Schivao's Easter Saturday by Pen Chant

yesterday, Good Friday, she was “down to a few hours left to live”
today, Easter Saturday, she is “strong and determined”
Good Friday they likened her to the Pope and Jesus’ suffering
and who will read the nurses’ notes of those final days now numbering
nine since the third time her feeding tube was pulled
while millions are literally starving all around the world
and dying where is the fervent religious outrage?
down in the Peninsula in a weary tired state
an angel tethered 15 years
by whom and for what?
Watch the ball climb higher higher
watch the people kneel lower lower
see the next bold phallic rising
still trying to reach the sky as in olden days
surrounded by graves of soldiers blown dead
and collateral innocents blown dead
collatereal? collatereal is an asset right?
what one needs to borrow money?
“I owe my soul to the company store.”
“Brother can you spare a dime?”