poem Mountain Morning by Autumn Zepher

shining golden on these eastward slopes
golden morning, rosa dawn
purple on the ridge outside my window
sorry am i for the power lines between
and below
sea monkey in the sky
floppy trash down below
tin roofs white with promise of new morn
3 hours past 3 and movin’ on
those good times that came before
zappers mouses keyboards
iTube uTube
going down
these bad ol’ days
ignoring nature, the source of all life
Mother Nature missing
communing with human kind
addictions now easy to overcome
3 in 1 injection
of man-created pharmaceuticals
an instant cure
but nobody cures the damaged gene
or wonders what the injected will do
)choose a weapon of revenge?
)run? with head on fire
back to golden morning, rosa dawn
shining golden on these eastward slopes
this mountain morn…