poem: Memorial Day Countdown by Pen Chant

Memorial Day

water and it will rain
fly fluttering flags of peace
the US of A has set aside one day each year
to shed again the the tears of sacrifice to bloody wars
in unison all the world said
“Never again!”
to holocaust and to hiroshima
forgive us mortals we are not there yet
67 years and our nonproliferation treaty
was of no avail
proliferation participation
matching end tables cell phones in every ear
in this land of the home of the brave
renewal of hope thru
Fourteen Mr. Senator Smiths in Washington, D.C.
smile and the drums will thunder
learning from our mistakes along the way
revenge is hard as any addiction to unlearn
easier to pretend it never were
hard to dot an eye when tears are falling
nonviolence is a way of life not a sunday morning
…this word poser just then ran out of posers