poem: Earth's circulatory system by Pen Chant

of river’s free flow
from the mountain to the sea
shackled by man playing Creator
destroying clean cool water
the cowboys all knew
yer not a real cowboy if you pollute
a president elected for his religion
and his brother governor
they are urgently asking for them to free her
fighting to save a woman by force feeding her
even as our representatives vote for more oil
drilling in the water and in pristine wilderness areas
an ingredient of the Earth’s circulatory system
the problem
is not the use of oil it is the addiction
the process of death is very visceral to onlookers
those that have eyes that will see
in slow motion
extremities began to curl up eventually into
their original position
knees into chest the feet extended
political implications
70% of we the people
know Terri’s body physically feels nothing
and know
over the entire Earth
millions of physical human bodies are feeling the pain of starvation
right now today this Holy Easter Monday
perpetuating violence or creating peace
in Jerusalem
in Florida
in heath and home?
The question is asked of each one of us:
If we ever find our own body in Terri Schiavo’s shoes
would we choose to be force fed?
What’s a Mother Nature to do
when those human monkies choose the first day of Spring
to shock and awe monkies of another ilk?
shredding metals into trillions of microscopic spears
into the very air they breathe
dyno sour devolution