poem: ding dong the pope is dead as is my donging head by Pen Chant

as is nearly my revulsion of everything Catholic
downgraded to only rejection
30 yrs a member 40 yrs an ex
with several dead popes along the way
until i met an honorable sentient being
feeling true sorrow over John Paul’s death
and i felt shame for having declared
“Jesus said feed the hungry
not some of the hungry
then spend the rest on palaces.”
shame for being as uncivil
as a pompous preacher
surely the bottom line purpose of which
all religions agree
treat others as we would be treated
or we will never be treated as we would like to be
because i’ve been there done that
most likely is not the same experience
of you being there and doing that
life is a cabaret of choices
we may consider what if
today is the day after the last day of every human life
will those ready to rapture to another reality
feel anything for the hordes condemned to everlasting torturous hell?
will these “chosen” stilll be hating the sinner instead of the sin?
here we are, alive, all now here
able to ask the question
“What of what we believe is our selves would we wish to be everlasting?”