Pine at the Summit.Poem.Sonnet.Robin Ouzman Hislop



My mind is a needle scratching the sky,

which bleeds in the eye, shadow of a sigh:

ascending a summit into tension,

as only no more than this extension.


A gradient entropy becoming,

pressure increasing, oxygen burning,

where in flickering hallucination

imaginals blend cohabitation.


& then beneath, the cascade of molten

rock in descent, the grind gritting sandstone,

a murky granite that splinters crystal

into rubble and decay & dark cool


of the forest closing the light down,

to open in another human town.


 After Robinson Jeffers.


Exit Retford Railway Station Lincsonshire Circa 2008v. 300x225 Pine at the Summit.Poem.Sonnet.Robin Ouzman Hislop
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2 comments to Pine at the Summit.Poem.Sonnet.Robin Ouzman Hislop

  • admin

    Thanks Jim, yeah good idea, i’v modified accordingly. saludos

  • I love that first line Robin, and the second one, if “reply” weren’t there. Reply mimics “sky” to the eye, and doesn’t seem to fit with the rest. Those two lines, however, would make a splendid senyru type poem. I can’t decide if this is a positive or a negative poem though. It seems to get darker until the last line and then apparently changes course, so opening “in another town” could be taken as a positive or a negative depending on how you interpret it.

    This has a goth feel to it. I’m not sure if that’s what you intended but that’s the way it feels.”Pressure decreasing”, “oxygen burning”, the gestalt is a gradual shift downward, or so it seems. Anyway, it’s an intriguing poem.