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In another post I mentioned Heinrik. Heinrik has now published some pages. Some of you have seen our video galleries. We make sparing use of a “plugin” that searches Google for videos. One of our partner site, however, is dedicated to educational video tours. It is the engineer who thinks that the computer is the ONLY way to do this complex task. I created Heinrik to introrduce things when there are a lot of things to introduce that are very similar.

To write an original blurb saying “Hey we thing you might like these videos of Albania…..” , and then to change it to, “Countries? yeah we like Argentina too. We have these videos…..” is easy for two countries. To introduce a over 200 countries in different ways is taxing to say the least. So I programmed Heinrik and he’s now published a tour of the world with history and the music of the world. So far, 205 countries and videos searching of the three subjects with Heinrick droning on in slightly random ways about so many subjects in so many pages. Bless his boring little mechanical heart.

Heinrick puts 205 countries on the sidebar. That’s way cool. One click to everything. Another mechanical thing I do on these pages is to use an old HTML trick to pop around on the page. A web page as mechanical…..Let’s take the mechanical tour of this page…..oh come on it will be fun….
I copied Heinrik’s links and used them on this page……

Click here










































world_toursTop of Page ———-Tours———-Music———-History


Cool! Way cool. You made it down here to Tours. While you are here, I’ll tell you about why I am doing this. These pages all link to Doctors Without Borders. This is in honor of Summer Breeze at Motherbird.com. It was her cause and we have picked up the banner and all of the new pages at Tubegle pay tribute and ask us to help the doctors in these time. By using technology to tour and search the world for tours of the world, I can spread a little peace and love butter on the world bread in some tiny small way.

Now click “Music”











































world_music Top of Page ———-Tours———-Music———-History


Boom you are here. Tubegle’s new pages seem to really turn up a bunch of good folk music of the world. One thing to do is to play tours muted and play music too. All of the videos will play continuously and you can take tours to music……

Now click “History”



























world historyTop of Page ———-Tours———-Music———-History


Well you’ve made it down to the bottom of the page again!…..be careful, the jump around links are so much fun! All they do is pop somewhere but I do like to click buttons and see things happen!…. I know, after posting this, that I will visit this page again!…lol…..History. One thing all countries have is history and Heinrik and I went searching for it. Heinrik put in a lot of other historical and music and country links to Google and Wikipedia and Tubegle as reference.

Give him and us a chance. You already know how the pages work because you have taken the training here. So visit the world with Heinrik and me



Berkelium, a poem from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series by Chicgo poet Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#79, Bk)
(started 8/15/14, finished 8/22/14)

The streets of town were paved with stars,
it was such a romantic affair
and when we kissed and said good night
a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

A nightingale sang in Berkeley square.
Berkeley. B, E, R, K, E, L, E, Y.
You see, on the other side of the pond
the Brits have a different way of saying things,
including the name of the Anglo Irish
philosopher George Berkley.
That’s B, E, R, K, L, E, Y, like
you’re barking up the wrong tree,
but when a city and University in California
was named after this philosopher,
well, the pronunciation changed
after it crossed the ocean.
And because of scientific work done
at the University of Berkley,
they decided to name element seventy nine
after the University (it’s actually
only one of two elements in the Periodic Table
named after a university).
So, I don’t really know
how you’re supposed to pronounce it,
should I say berk-lee-um like the States,
or the British ber-keel-ee-yum,
because I’ve been trying to learn
a thing or two about Berkelium.
And the thing is, it’s never found
in it’s pure form,
because this transuranic radioactive
and artificially produced element
is a soft, silvery-white, actinide metal
that sometimes has long half lives
through it’s isotopes
(that range from microseconds to several days,
to three hundred thirty days, to nine years
to one thousand three hundred eighty years).
So maybe I’m only meant
to learn about parts of it
by these fleeting dances
scientists have with Berkelium…


Art of Argentina

Also   ———-Music of Argentina———-History of Argentina

This page searches for videos of Argentina each country’s art . Show us what you know or if you have trips which may be shared about Art of The World in Video. Make a comment. Thank you for your trip to this Argentina art . We hope you enjoy the art videos of countries. Here is another valuable reference: Google search for Argentina art
We have,made possible these video pages with the wish of health in all nations and love for all nations and their art.

This page authored by Heinrik5


Heinrik5 The Robot Blogger


This is Heinrik5. He is our new author. He will be making posts shortly.