Seeking John Evans, poet, poem by anonymous

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John Evans John Evans
where have you gone
since age twenty-nine
when you published your collection
“The Poet’s I”
the ultimate hedonism of self realization
contrasting St. Theresa’s among us
east/west touching in the cross hair
thirty-one years have gone by John Evans
John Evans, age sixty now
are you with us or have you departed
did you write anything after 1974?
Dedicating “The Poet’s I”:
“I dedicate this book
to the lovers of life,
the perusers of dreams,
and to the searchers
for the wisdom
of the soul.”
Still here or over there
I’m feeling that you know
searchers are still among us
brothers still crying
brother can you spare a dime
the religious among us are asking
where does one learn moral values
if not from organized religion?
Do I hear you crying now?
“If they truly loved their God
they would love
all of his creation and protect it
flowers and trees and human beings
all and everything under the sun.”