poem: ode to heather by Pen Chant

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“it’s always 1968 for them”
Heather Mac Donald
seductively declares
“as a matter of fact”
authoritatively repeated
war resisters are on the no-fly list
that is the abuses
the letter of the law Heather
is now “A”
going after health fraud is not as life changing
as going after a “terrorist” Mac
does Donald come from an animal farm
right and left are responsible for this
in this we the majority agree
the responsibility lies with those who promote
the dividing of this House of America
“slippery slope” is not the problem
is is a straight down cliff
scalawags all been there done that
the drug war is a back door
secret lies is our history
patriot act descenters are not paranoid
in the face of real fears
fake fears may overshadow real fears
yesterday but and now today
she says we need checks and balances
even as her side pushes to check judiciary powers
today we have a super information highway
full of facts that refute “matter of facts”
grinding grinding thru the meat balls
and truth is on it’s knees