Nadine and Dorothy poem by Cheryl M. Tyler

A darkness over two lives
four decades
finally the secret spills out
one sister whispers to the other
time shifts into reverse
slides them back to
hot summer’s day
stepmother’s nerves
shredded by heat, squalor,
three children they’ve
not yet squelched

On the north edge of town
a world away
the birth of rock ‘n roll
the Music gettin’ ready for a night
on the roof at the Hi-D-Ho

The frayed cord snapped
and with it the child
popped like a wet towel
against the hard foundation
forty years ago we believed
without question stories of
babies falling off beds
onto their heads
the child was buried
on a hot, windy day,

…Until one day lately
the music sang itself from
one sister to another
and back again
until the notes made their way home

Found consonance in the tough heart
of a criminal district attorney
who inexplicably heard
the fain strains of song
two fat middle aged women
had the grace to sing.

© Cheryl M. Tyler, San Antonio, Texas 1997