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A Select Few Things

If you wanted me to think of ways,
well, I could do that

Actually, I could think of a
variety of ways

But I think you
are ready to only think about
a few of them

As long as you’re thinking about me,
well then, think whatever you want

I’ve wanted to feel you kissing me
I’ve wanted to have your lips on me
I’ve wanted so much out of life
but I can say that I know I want that

There are a lot of things I want
but right now
I can only think of a few things

A select few things

I’ve wanted to know that you are
willing to give me that
because i need to know that you feel that
and I need to know that you
feel it in the same way I do

That you want the same thing I do

There’s only so much teasing
that a girl can take

At least that’s what I hear

And I’m not going to tease you
about this
and I’m not going to make any promises
that I don’t promise to keep

Because everything I say
is a promise to you

It’s a promise to my life
it’s a promise to our future
it’s a promise to our love

You better believe in the same things
that I believe in

Because I don’t like getting my hopes
up for nothing

So prove me wrong

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