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The Korean wave refers to the increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture starting in Asia, and more recently in other parts of the world The term was coined in mid 1999 by Beijing journalists surprised at the fast growing popularity of Korean entertainment and culture in China. The wave has had considerable impact on the South Korean economy, as well as on the political and cultural influence of South Korea. For example, in 2011 based on international activity the Korean wave added approximately USD$3.8 billion dollars of revenue to the South Korean economy.

It is indeed almost like the Backstreet boys were heard overseas and the feel turned into a sensation and has transformed world music. Bigger than a style, the K-Pop and J-Pop movement is changing America’s pop from outside.
Here are some of the hot Asian groups:

SHINee Songs. They’re attractive and talented at dancing. To say the least, this group has a bunch of Justin’s with wonderful voices. It’s dance and throw in enough English words to reach other cultures with elements of their own culture beautifully done. I am now a fan.
“Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang. Some say from sexy to cute, they are representative of the Genre. Fancy outfits, dance routines by carefully selected good looking people. Not since the Monkeys have manufactured groups worked so well, actually.

“Gee” by Girls’ Generation Songs by nine members of Girls’ Generation Happy songs with colorful clothes. Maybe the most popular group in Asia. Happiness is everywhere and you’d better get used to pretty girls and tight choreography because it’s K-pop, baby. Dancing With the Stars move over.

“Gangnam Style” by Psy who is now attached permantly to the Bieber. What is there to say about the video that half the people in the whole world showed to the other half. I think I heard my cat say, “Sexy Lady” the other day. It made me pause. Psy brought K-Pop to a boil in the U.S. who, although slower than the rest of the world to catch on, has caught on.

Speaking of Psy and Gangham, who doesn’t also know the hot red haired girl in the video who is now a star with a hot new song called Ice Cream. Hyuna makes me need some ice cream to cool off. (The Image used for this article is Hyuna and is a Hyuna Wallpaper from http://widewallpapershd.com)

2NE1 K-Pop Music Music videos that are so well made that Hollywood should be taking lessons from these folks. The people themselves are so svelt and trim and downright beautiful. Certainly one of the best groups in the world and, until yesterday I’ve never heard them. Then again I am the guy who thinks he should have already seen all of the people in Nashville by now. What do I know. It’s been my line this year.

Big Bang Fantastic Lady This time it’s just guys and Fantastic Lady is pretty darn fantastic, good use of tuners. There is something I like about the language. I don’t speak it and when you don’t speak a language you hear it melodically. There is a melodic quality to the language itself that may lend itself to understanding the phenomena.

And last but not least, the newcomer that seems to have created quite a stir with a story driven sweet video called Secret Poison M/V 시크릿. It’s about a trip to Joe Detective and the result is……….? I’d drink it too!

Since I am basically Tunebee I have noted the traffic from all over the world to the Korean music. I have also noted that Americans seem fascinated by the Korean Dance Team Waveya. We like to see pretty girls dance. Let’s face it. It ain’t just me, folks.

For another collection of Kpop Hits and great videos visit Tubegle


Synthesized bubble-gum pop sound, flashy outfits and video art, carefully-selected, slickly-produced acts that can feature as many as 17 members.

…………………………………………….. on postage stamps in Korea. WOW. It’s fun!


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