Intelligent Design poem by anonymous

how intelligent is it to create
a species the creates enough explosives
to destroy the Earth several times over?
the original design was intelligent survival
if the ocean gets to hot crawl to land
trade gills for lungs (or keep both just in case)
nature paints poison red for a reason

Intelligent Design?

To evolve to a species who’s entire history
is killing one another?
Who kill people to give them freedom?
Rape and plunder to gain Temporal Power
say it again Sam
Temporal Power

shock and awe
take me to your leader
i will obey
rurr rurr rurr
echo echo echo
points talking talking
as a matter of fact
shut up dirty liberal

no flowers no kisses no V I day
just another ho hum
no meteor pow knocking out the dinosaur
and most forms of life but not all
no sun melting snow caps
and flooding the earth
not so long ago that many cultures
recorded some catastrophic water event

Katrina don’t take our Zen Ken away
I know the elements are arbitrary
bad stuff happens to good guys too
wake up all you guys in denial
you apologists of the rich and wannabies rich
it is the grand Pyramid Scheme
stretch the bottom too far from survival
the Pyramid becomes a pimple

Sing it well children,
London bridges falling down
my bucket’s got a hole it in
“All we are saying,
is give peace a chance.