Impasto Art Painting

Impasto Art Painting


Impasto Art Painting

This painting hangs in my house. It is painted with thick globs of oil paint applied with a stiff brush and a knife. It is the take what you get method. This is a very expensive painting to make. I’d actually have to sell paintings to be able to afford the method of this art.
It took five years for the paint to harden on this painting. It wasn’t practical to produce the most beautiful art.
It’s touchable, you see. They have to have guards in the museums to keep us from touching the art. It is our nature to want to touch the surface the artist touched, to feel the thing itself. We revere this thing the artist scraped and sometimes pounded and sometimes threw against the wall. We act like it’s a holy surface.
I touch this painting. I find it hard to think of it in a place where no one can touch it.

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