End of Summer Painting- by Glenn Merchant

Summer Painting- The End of Summer

summer painting 02 248x300 End of Summer Painting  by Glenn Merchant


This summer painting really reminds me of summer.It is by Tennessee Artist Glenn Merchant. This is an abstract painting of a tree. The colors play with the eye. I really like the tree.

Here is and end of summer poem by Wayne Jackson (1951-1989)

August laughing wind
bouncing against the open window
extending a finger
into the corner of the summer
to ease the curtain aside
and gently blow a kiss
on my sweating brow

Here is Monet’s End of Summer Painting:

800px Wheatstacks %28End of Summer%29%2C 1890 91 %28190 Kb%29%3B Oil on canvas%2C 60 x 100 cm %2823 5 8 x 39 3 8 in%29%2C The Art Institute of Chicago End of Summer Painting  by Glenn Merchant

Monet End of Summer Painting

Claude Monet End of Summer

There are certainly similarities in color relationships here. Merchant is a more modern form of Monet, drifting into abstraction, but with the same intent, to capture the colors of the moment. To excite the eye.


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