Did I mean to say I love you Poem by Sara Russell

c. Sara L. Russell

Did I mean to say I love you
in words or other ways?
Did we overlook each other,
through our busy working days?
Did we mean to spend more time
looking in each other’s face?
Did we mean to give each other
all of this much space?

An appendage to your life,
I filter through your days:
Fixture, lover, wife,
through your absent-minded haze
and I love you with a passion
more insane than blind
and you love me in your fashion
and you are always kind.

So I wait as days race by
with the blur you leave behind,
no time stop and try
to mutually unwind
and I love you with a passion
too intense for pride,
surviving on love’s ration
as my dreams walk by your side.

(Winner of Runners-Up Prize, Capricorn International
Love Poetry Competition, 1998)


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