Deep High Sorrow Joy poem by Summer Breeze

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how deep is deep sorrow
how high is high joy
whore is sexual neutral
when it comes to give and take
the tragedy of take
the joy of give
“Did you come to love me or kill me?”
the Madman asks.
Madwoman replies,
“You came to me
a pauper and a poet.”
And yeah be both have each the capacity
to kill or love…in the spirit softly
we die to live
unfettered by our bumbled learning curve
how high is high joy
a Segovia guitarist friend
we do draw ourselves to one another
student to teacher
teacher to student
mate, child, relative, friend, perceived enemy
and yes, Michael,
“The unsaid spokes of the human heart.”

Joy to the Earth is
Stars so brightly shining
could be the night we all learn our worth
A thrill of hope is nothing left to fear –
nobody starves, nobody greedy,
nobody need stand alone
in sorrow, deep or deepest.