Daniel – poem by Mike Glover


Soulful child, of moonlight reckoning

And blissful wanderings absolutely with

Mindless abandon you teased,

All the crazy tricks from your existence, you have slipped at last

From your mother’s warm and pleading embrace,

To join the wind and the eternal

You are stardust once again.

Silly, silly fools to have rooms and boundaries

A genesis and resolution, commonality

Planets going retrograde and one single

Dying sun staving off the perfect chaos of the end,

You should know that I love you

You should know that maybe I never really knew how much I’ve grown to love you

Until I knew that you were gone.

Now, even now less than a day has passed

You are fusing with the eternal swell

There is no more you although I am hanging on with

Tears, with bitter tears,

I was told again today that I should seek God’s comfort because

He loves us all like children and he’s always looking out for us,

Why wasn’t he looking out for you?

The jesters have yet to put on their

Crowns of thorns and sort out the damage to your organs

They could never in a million years diagnose the sadness

That had wrapped it’s bloody bosom around your soul long ago,

And turned your joy into just waking up

Strapping on those sneakers and

Being sort of alive.

Graceful child, distant soul, how

Can I ever turn away from you just as

You were becoming a friend to me,

Now there is no more to cling to, no sideways glance no

Knowing smile nothing going forward all

Is stolen away packed tightly forever away

In your sudden eternity.