The Impressionists BBC

The Impressionists BBC

Based on archive letters, records and interviews from the time, the series records the lives of the artists who were to transform the art world. A tale of poverty and of a struggle for recognition, set against a backdrop of war and revolution.

At the heart is the brotherhood of artists, bonded by enduring friendships and their commitment to a new type of art. The story is led by the paintings. Some of the world’s most memorable art works are recreated, following the same techniques that the artists used at the time……Wiki

The Impressionist, a three part series by the BBC is good basic TV with education of the arts and art history in mind.

Stones River Country Club from the Greenway

Stone's River Country Club

Scene from the Greenway in Murfreesboro, Tennessee across the river. This and all greenways are a joy for the cities and this small Tennessee town has one of the best.

48″ x 36″ Linen on gallery wrapped stretchers
David Michael Jackson


I’ve continued to work on this painting a bit since posting this, but it hasn’t changed much. It’s a perfect motif. The colors are orange and blue which is perfect for impressionism. The winter provides a look at beautiful Bermuda grass through the trees. The country club in the distance helps create depth and the reflection of the sky and trees, I find exciting.

Poetry & Poems of Garcia Lorca 1898-1936

Garcia Lorca Poems

Garcia Lorca is one of the more important Spanish poets, he was brutally executed at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Most of the works appearing here are translations together with Spanish guitar music inspired by his creations, as well as its influences, some documentary features & notably his visit to the USA, which served not only as a source of inspiration to him but to many of the current & later writers in the USA. Editor Robin Ouzman Hislop.

Garcia Lorca Poems

Fresh Hard Times. Video Poem. Performed Lonnie Glass. Lyrics Norman Ball.

Introducing the resonant vocal strains of Lonnie Glass in collaboration with the lyrics of Norman Ball. For more work featuring the poet & artist Norman Ball see our sites Poetry Life & Times at Artvilla, & Search Artvilla, above, as well as our FB pages listed below. Robin: Admin & Editor.
Fresh Hard Times