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Robert Hass Poet. Translator


Robert Hass is one of contemporary poetry’s most celebrated and widely-read voices. In addition to his success as a poet, Hass is also recognized as a leading critic and translator, notably of the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz and Japanese haiku

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Robert Bly. Poet

robert bly

The Poetry of Kabir 12345next » TitleThe Poetry of Kabir TitleThe Poetry of Rumi TitlePoet Robert Bly on The Great Persian Poets ; Hafez and Rumi ; Interviewed by Bill Moyers TitleA GATHERING OF MEN, WITH ROBERT BLY TitlePoetry by

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Poetry & Poems of Garcia Lorca 1898-1936

Garcia Lorca Poems

Garcia Lorca is one of the more important Spanish poets, he was brutally executed at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Most of the works appearing here are translations together with Spanish guitar music inspired by his creations, as

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Robert Creeley Poet 1926-2005

Robert Creeley reading “Please” 12345next » TitleRobert Creeley reading "Please" TitleRobert Creeley TitleRobert Creeley reading "After Lorca" TitleRobert Creeley reading "The Ballad Of The Despairing Husband Title5 Poems by Robert Creeley TitleRobert Creeley, 16 April 1990 TitleA poem by Robert

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