Relaxation Video Water Flowing After the Rain


I shot this video at Walter Hill Dam in Murfreesboro Tennessee. The sound of the water and the images are relaxing. It was after a big rain and the water is boiling brown. The beauty to me comes from the pretty blues in reflections amid the browns of the water. The power of the water is wonderful, poetic, artistic. Capturing art in nature. We live in times where we can preserve the moment. Our times will be documented, preserved. These websites are documented and preserved for the future generations by We have been archived since 1998 in the Wayback Machine.


Weebley Waffles

weebly waffles

weebly waffles

Weebley Waffles went to Wambly Academy

and he ran down the Wambly halls

down the Wambly walks

to Wanglewhat Inn where

he ran smack into Wappley Walbright and where

Weebles became

all blarneyed and festered

“I’m leaving Wambly”,  Weebley said that day at Wanglewhat

Now, don’t get me wrong, Wappley Walbright knew of both
Wambly’s and Wanglewhat’s respect for Weebley.
Wappley said, “Weebley Waffles you wangblatt! Wambly needs you.”
“Have no more whiskey, Weebley” said Wappley

david michael jackson

Taylor Mali Poetry

Taylor Mali Poetry
Poet and teacher Taylor Mali. Taylor Mali uses the skills of a teacher to keep us awake and make us pay attention.
Mali is a vocal advocate of teachers and the nobility of teaching, having himself spent nine years in the classroom teaching everything from English and history to math and S.A.T. test preparation. He has performed and lectured for teachers all over the world, and his 12-year long Quest for One Thousand Teachers, completed in April of 2012…………..Bio

“The art that allows you to rewrite history”…that’s poetry. It perhaps started with “What Teachers Make” but the voice is there in many teachers. He is proud to be the teacher poet. Emerging from the slam poetry or performance poetry movement which has made poetry entertaining as well as profound, Taylor Mali is a hit!
It is with respect that we publish this page. Respect for a good poet and respect for our teachers.

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The Poem That Ended War

poem that ended war

He writes a poem when he needs one

and sometimes they go here

or                    over                     here

and sometime they hang


like they might say something important in a line of thought

but always this word<-  or that -> word


somewhere else, but it doesn’t matter.

Even matter doesn’t matter.

In a parallel universe this poem ended war.

In this universe

war is hell

and this is just a poem


like all of the other poems