Janet Kuypers’ 25+ minute Half Price Books poetry reading 2/1/17

Below are writing links and video links from February 1st 2017 (20170201), where Janet Kuypers was performing in Austin a 25 minute poetry Half Price Books poetry reading 2/1/17.

In this reading she read not only poems from 3 of the last features from Janet Kuypers in Chicago (“Journey” in Hyde Park, “Farewell Chicago” at Poetry’s “Love Letter”, and “Like a Lamb to the Slaughter” at the Gallery Cabaret), but also all of the “Exalted Love” show poems (that would be a separate show 2/4/17 at the Bahá’í Faith Center).

Below are video links and poem writing links to the live performance of poetry reading at Half Price Book 2/1/17 at Half Price Books in Austin.

Read the poems from the show:

old school and high-tech monuments
extinct on planet earth
Other Souls
Open Book
Mapping the Way to True Love
Years, Centuries, Eons
Zenith of the Night Sky
just one book

Abrishami | Hessam Abrishami Iranian Artist

Abrishami Hessam

Tulip Dance Painting by Abrishami $2750 at Emerys Fine Art.
Hessam’s site…..The French press has called Hessam’s artwork “A statement in the fluidity of human figures…with tension between each figure, a kinship that provokes the viewer to seek reasons for such a relationship.”

Earth tones breaking into abstraction. I am striken by color and the relationship between colors placed together. One is immediately attracted or repelled by art simply because of the interaction of color and the individuality of its perception. Abrishami’s colors are bold and awakening. When the artists strike with color it awakens the mind and makes it receptive to meaning.
I am also intrigued by the motion and flow of the figures. The sweeping curved strokes envoke dance. Well Done!

Abrishami Art For Sale

Dave Jackson

Janet Kuypers’ “Beginning Anew” 1/7/16 poetry feature/show with live music

    Below are writing links, video links and images from a January 7th 2017 (1/7/17, or 20170107) poetry performance of Janet Kuypers’ Austin poetry feature through “New Year, New Poems” live in Austin Texas.

    The theme of the night with other features was about poetry and messages that reflected coping with upcoming changes in the future, and Janet Kuypers covered this very explicitly in her show of all 2017 poems that talk about taking charge in your life and making YOUR future the way YOU want it to be. Her “Beginning Anew” show was also accompanied by acoustic guitar from John, and in her second poem.

Beginning Anew chapbook

    Before the show started she also released copies to most everyone there of a chapbook of the writings she was performing in her show (in the order they were performed), and all of the pieces from this reading were also released electronically in a “Beginning Anew” chapbook, which you can download as a PDF file for free any time.

Read the poems from the show:

only choice is to build
our futures
Evolving, Connecting and Confounding
optimizing your odds

Bonus videos include 3/4ths of this show being performed as one long piece at Kick Butt Poetry: Spoken and Heard the next day.

Janet & John in show, photo by Thom Woodruff Janet & John in show, photo by Thom Woodruff Janet & John in show, photo by Thom Woodruff