‘Just Haiku’ and other Haiku by Joe Brennand

‘Just Haiku’

Basho’s deep north
a hermit crab walks
from side to side

on the shore
where the tsunami hit
a hermit crab

spring horizon
ripples of sunlight
on the shore

frost in the air
you see both sides
of the argument

departing summer
one pebble
skims the lake

mobile library
a ladybird eats fallen raindrops
from the leaf

a fox searches
upturn bins
stars twinkling again

Mocking bird
I am diagnosed
with dyslexia

Afternoon thunder
in your ultrasound

Joe Brennand

Joe Brennand Haiku

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Terry Jean Pollard Jazz Pianist, Queen of the Vibes Detroit Musician

Terry Jean Pollard Jazz Pianist, Queen of the Vibes Detroit Musician

August 15, 1931 December 16, 2009

Terry began her professional career in Detroit at the age of 16. She was part of the very fertile Detroit Jazz scene in the late forty’s and early fifty’s performing on piano with many of the major up and coming players. Terrys first recordings were with Billy Mitchell in 1948. She worked with Johnny Hill from 1948 – 1949, the Emmit Slay Trio from 1950 – 1952 and regularly worked with Billy Mitchell from 1952 – 1953.
It was during this time she was discovered at Bakers Keyboard Lounge by noted vibist Terry Gibbs. He was mesmerized by her skills and asked her to join his North American tour. Terry accepted and became a member of the Terry Gibbs Quartet where she played piano and second vibes. Her greatest visibility was from this period of 1953 – 1957. Terry also made American television history appearing with Terry Gibbs on the famous Tonight Show then hosted by Steve Allen.

We are extremely proud to present her only known
recording of a song that she wrote called FEDJ.

Visit The Terry Pollard Foundation’s page at Wix

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USA Collage a Painting by David Michael Jackson

USA Collage

USA Collage
by David Michael Jackson

Artist Statement:
Recycled art
1. Painted a large painting during Gulf War 1, 36″ x 24″
2. Somewhere during Gulf War 2 it gets big hole in the middle of it.
2. So I cut pieces out of it and glued them onto a panel 16″ x 20″
3. One more Gulf War and we can get this painting down to 8″ x 10″

Make it go out of date.