ARE YOU UP FOR PARTYING – Poem by Lyn Lifshin




But keep it a secret.  He’s

in his bad boy mask. I can’t

resist that persona as if

the others weren’t magnets

too. But it’s part of the

black dirty hair, too long

jeans. What is it about this

kind of man that women

crawl to them? I can see my

self on my knees, even in

fragile fishnet tights. “Party”

I don’t think it’s a birthday

party with candles and

I doubt he wants to take me

out to ready my poems

tho some time ago he did tell

me he wanted to talk about

about them. To party suggests

drugs or sex a little rock

and rolling.  The idea doesn’t

sound bad. Then, like in a

dream, plans change

and it’s over



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