April 24 London Town 2013.Poem.Robin Ouzman Hislop


It was a mid Spring full moon,

which, as he looks over his shoulder,

seems to be laughing

                                                  at its own joke.


People often thought they were twins,

actually they were just brothers

who met on

                             relatively rare occasions. There lives


 had been as different as chalk & cheese.

 She scrutinizes them from the opposite table,


 they were both long past it,

                                                                too late at the gate.

And as they walk away, who´s poor,

he thinks,

her laughter’s shrill & harsh,

following them

                                      into the alleyways long after.


Only one of them hears it,

the other just goes on talking into the blue.

Exit Retford Railway Station Lincsonshire Circa 2008v. 300x225 April 24 London Town 2013.Poem.Robin Ouzman Hislop

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