Abstract Kiss Painting


abstract kiss

Abstract kiss painting by David Michael Jackson
This abstract painting is the juxtaposition of two profiles in one. It represents a kiss. It is an Oil painting on canvas. Painted circa 1992. I was doing these icon profiles then. I still do them. This a relatively large painting. I guess it’s an abstract. I’m not even sure what abstract paintings mean anymore. Anyway it’s pretty and it reminds me of kiss from my lady.

The most famous and truly beautiful painting of a kiss is by Klimpt. His use of the gold color rivals Van Gogh.

There was the famous kiss painting on the Berlin Wall

There is The Kiss by Munch who is known for The Scream.

We all remember the famous sculpture by Rodin The Kiss

V-J Day in Times Square, a 1945 photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt

David Michael Jackson

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