Dysprosium, poem by Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#66, Dy)

I knew I could cut through you like a knife.
But, you were always difficult to get at.
With you, I couldn’t get my fingers wet
when I wore surgical gloves in my searches
for you. I couldn’t feel what I was doing
when I was looking for you, but I kept looking,
because you had the highest magnetic strength
of anything I had ever dealt with in my life.

You drew me to you. I couldn’t help it.

I know you’re not free, and the thing is,
you’ve always tried to bring along
some of your mineral compatriots
whenever we had the chance to meet.
And still, I’d have to search the world
for you, go to the other side of the planet,
because I swear, I thought you were worth
more than all of the tea in China.

I couldn’t help it. You’d put a whole new
light on everything after you hit me
with your laser-like intensity. As I said,
you had this magnetic effect on me.
You’re rare. And I couldn’t help it.

I should have known that if you got close,
if I got the chance to breathe you in,
you’d probably be an explosive hazard
to me. I should have known that
what we have could be ignited
by the sparks we would make.

But as I said, I couldn’t help it.
Even if you cause this spark,
even if you cause this explosive reaction,
I’d still have to come back,
because no matter what,
the burning I feel for you
doesn’t last as long as you do.
You burn readily, but you’re hard to get.
And I’m waiting for that next chance
to feel those reactions with you again.

Women Jazz Musicians Instrumentalists and Vocalists

women jazz musicians

Women Jazz musicians have made great contributions in the genre but have not received the recognition deserved. In fact, it has been very hard for ladies to break into jazz as instrumentalists. This page recognizes the pioneers of women jazz musicians who made it possible for young ladies to succeed in Jazz.
women jazz musicians

This Page is dedicated to:

Marian McPartland   Marian’s Facebook Page      Judy Chaikin       Films by Huey


In Good Time, The Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland


Our association with The Girls in the Band and the late Marian McPartland makes these pages special to us. These are video “searches” for our list of women Jazz musicians which we acquired from Wiki. Each of these pages searches You Tube for the musician and presents a gallery of videos for that musician. We understand the struggle for women in music and this effort is to recognize the ladies who have made a contribution of excellence in Jazz.

Abbey Lincoln
Adele Girard
Aki Takase
Alice Coltrane
Alison Wedding
Alyssa Graham
Amanda Randolph
Amina Claudine Myers
Amy Winehouse
Andrea Menard
Angelique Kidjo
Anita Baker
Anita ODay
Ann Richards
Anna Depenbusch
Anna Mae Winburn
Anna Mjoll
Annette Peacock
Annie Ross
Annie Whitehead
Ayako Shirasaki
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
Barbara Carroll
Barbara Dennerlein
Barbara Lahr
Beryl Booker
Betty Carter
Billie Holiday
Billie Rogers
Blanche Calloway
Blossom Dearie
Candy Dulfer
Carla Bley
Carmen Lundy
Carmen McRae
Carol Sloane
Carolyn Breuer
Cassandra Wilson
Catherine Whitney
Chaka Khan
Cheryl Bentyne
Chiara Civello
Chris Connor
Christine Tobin
Cindy Blackman
Claire Martin
Clare Teal
Cleo Laine
Clora Bryant
Connie Crothers
Connie Evingson
Cynthia Layne
Cynthia Sayer
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Denise Jannah
Diana Krall
Diana Ross
Diane Schuur
Dianne Reeves
Dinah Washington
Dorothee Berryman
Dorothy Ashby
Dorothy Donegan
Dorothy Masuka
Dorothy Sloop
Eliane Elias
Elizabeth Shepherd
Ella Fitzgerald
Emily Elbert
Emily Remler
Ernestine Anderson
Erykah Badu
Esperanza Spalding
Esra Dalfidan
Etta James
Eva Cassidy
Feminist Improvising Group
Florence Mills
Gabriella Cilmi
Geri Allen
Grazyna Auguscik
Greetje Kauffeld
Gwyneth Herbert
Hadda Brooks
Halie Loren
Hazel Scott
Helen Merrill
Hiromi Uehara
Holly Cole
Ilse Huizinga
Ingrid Jensen
Ingrid Laubrock
Irene Daye
Irene Schweizer
Iyeoka Okoawo
Jacqui Dankworth
Jana Herzen
Jane Bunnett
Jane Ira Bloom
Jane Monheit
Janis Siegel
Jay Clayton
Jeanne Lee
Jennifer Leitham
Jessica Williams
Jessy J
Jill Scott
Jo Stafford
Joanie Bartels
Joanna MacGregor
Joanne Brackeen
Joelle Leandre
Jordyn Jackson
Josette Dayde
Joyce Collins
Judi Silvano
Julia Feldman
Julie London
June Christy
June Tyson
Junko Onishi
Jutta Hipp
Karin Krog
Karrin Allyson
Kate Higgins
Kate Michaels
Kathy Sanborn
Katrine Madsen
Kelly Sweet
Kellylee Evans
Kenya Hathaway
Kevyn Lettau
Kiri Te Kanawa
Kit McClure
Kit McClure Band
Laila Dalseth
Lakrea Clark
Lalah Hathaway
Laura Mvula
Lauren Newton
Lena Horne
Leni Stern
Leny Andrade
Letta Mbulu
Liane Carroll
Lil Hardin Armstrong
Lindsay Cooper
Lovie Austin
Luciana Souza
Lynne Arriale
Mabel Mercer
Madeleine Peyroux
Maggie Nicols
Malene Mortensen
Malika Zarra
Margie Hyams
Maria D Luz
Maria Joao
Maria Pia De Vito
Maria Raducanu
Maria Schneider
Marian McPartland
Marilyn Crispell
Marilyn Marshall
Marilyn Mazur
Marilyn Moore
Marion Morgan
Mary Lou Williams
Mary Osborne
Matana Roberts
Maxine Daniels
Melba Liston
Melody Gardot
Mia Znidaric
Michelle Walker
Mindi Abair
Molly Johnson
Monica Zetterlund
Morgana King
Myra Taylor
Nancy Wilson
Natalie Cole
Nellie Lutcher
Nellie McKay
Nikki Yeoh
Nina Shatskaya
Nina Simone
Nnenna Freelon
Nora Brockstedt
Norah Jones
Norma Teagarden
Pamela Williams
Patricia Barber
Patty Waters
Peggy Gilbert
Prudence Johnson
Rachel Z
Ranee Lee
Regina Carter
Renee Rosnes
Rita Reys
Rosa King
Sade Adu
Sarah Vaughan
Sathima Bea Benjamin
Sharon Freeman
Sheila Jordan
Shirley Horn
Sitti Navarro
Sophie Milman
Stacey Kent
Susanne Alt
Susie Arioli
Susie Ibarra
Suzanne Davis
Sweet Baby J ai
Sweet Emma Barrett
Sylvie Courvoisier
Tania Maria
Terri Lyne Carrington
Terry Jean Pollard
Thandi Klaasen
Thelma Terry
Tierney Sutton
Tina May
Tine Asmundsen
Toni Harper
Toshiko Akiyoshi
Urszula Dudziak
Valaida Snow
Vi Redd
Videlina Mircheva
Ximena Sarinana
YolanDa Brown
Yolande Bavan
Yvette Tollar
Zoe Rahman

Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle Revisited. 3 Poems. Ian Irvine (Hobson)



Tree of LifeImage: ‘Darwin’s Tree of Life’ [from public domain image, drawn by Darwin]


A Power Denuded the Granite

The Devil’s Confervae

The Work of Minute and Tender Animals


Poems by Ian Irvine (Hobson), copyright all rights reserved.


Please Note: many of these poems meditate upon or, in some cases rework/recombine, random phrases appearing in the 2nd edition of Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle. The first edition of the work appeared in 1839. I hope I have done some justice to the natural lyricism evident in Darwin’s relaxed prose style.




A Power Denuded the Granite


All that glitters in the sun’s rays

suggests a profound ocean

and a growing burden


How many years

short of infinity

to polish these

burnished stones?


I have come to the tides

and the rivulets

the countless inundations,

the waves on the black rocks

the cataracts, the great rivers

the stubborn work of millennia.


I am growing old and weary

on this boat,

this salt-stained boat

of Empire.




The Devil’s Confervae


Can you see us from behind?

early morning salt haze—the sun

rising. And the boat slowing

enters an eerie stretch of

ocean, velvet-red, and

glides between a god-infested heaven

and a godless carpet of sea stuff

This blood track—it must be

two miles long—of

infernal waters.


The boat slows, we glide

Can you see us from behind?

The morning is huge

as we plough

the pulp of our sorrow

the whole surface of the water

pulses—and the waves lapping.


Under the lens, I observe

the contraction of tiny granular spheres

their number must be infinite


I’ve heard they make

the Red Sea

(appear) red.




The Work of Minute and Tender Animals


Not far off shore

we test the bottom

(the bottomless ocean)

The line spins down and down.



a steep edifice

(theorise: underwater ramparts, sheer

and dense).


In awe of these submerged mountains—

accumulated stone of ages!


The island, the reef, the coral—the coral

the living part of the greater death,

a vast, eroded, sedimentary death.


Once a volcano—spewed hot

then froze into a geologic form

then whipped by the wind

and lashed by the water

for countless millennia.

Amazing to contemplate—

the splendid work of ages.


It looms from obscene depths

and bleaches in the diving—

the underwater kingdom of

vegetable bones!

But near the surface

such colours, such vividness, such

intricacies of fish and frond.


Coral! The epiphanies of coral

their various shapes

their complex textures

marvellous life on a bed of death!


Our ancestry as sediment—

compacted into memory.

Today, for the first time, I sense

their concrete presence.

This self, mere fruit of their tragedies—

(the past beneath the waves).